Website Should You Own or Rent

Continuing on my set of articles regarding the website selection process, the third factor to consider is your financial investment. After deciding whether a custom website or template layout, with or without content management system will best fit your needs, the next question business owners should ask when selecting a web firm is, “should I own or lease my website?”

The primary difference between the two concepts is the ownership rights to the design, layout, content and images on your website after the development phase. In a typical website lease situation, all aspects of the site belong to the developer. In essence, the website is up and active as long as business owners continue to pay their leasing costs monthly or annually, which often tend to be very high over time.

In the scenario where business owners own their site, the owner has the right to the design and all content of the website post launch and can take the website to another company in case they are dissatisfied with their existing web development firm.

If you’re currently in a website situation where you’re paying high yearly fees without any additional services or changes to your website, you should rethink your financial investment. The only expectable second year costs associated with a web site should be hosting and maintenance. The only time additional second year cost would apply is if your website runs a blog interface, ecommerce or included ongoing search engine optimization and conversion monitoring.

At Logic Media, our clients have the full rights and ownership of their website without any ongoing lease agreement. Contact our team today to discuss your website ownership options and see how a custom designed, content management driven site can help you grow your business and quickly produce great return on investment year after year.

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