Web Design Buying Decision

In many of my blog articles I emphasize the importance of having a professionally designed website. A website that captures its visitors attention and persuades them to take the necessary action, whether it’s purchasing a product, scheduling a service appointment or requesting a quote from your business.

I’m sure that just like myself, you constantly come across websites that are poorly designed, both from the visual and user experience standpoint. Websites that are slow to load, unpleasing to the eye or have confusing navigational structure serve no real benefit to a business, and, in fact, push away potential clients and sales.

To further encourage my preaching, based on a recent KISSmetrics marketing blog article, researchers have identified that “for many online shoppers, poor website navigability and poor overall design is the reason why they choose not to purchase from a particular website.” Research metrics indicate that 42% of shoppers based their opinion of a website on the overall design alone and 52% of shoppers did not return to a website because of overall aesthetics.

Also, the study indicated that the speed, efficiency and convenience of the website are the main reasons why shoppers are returning to internet retailers. Having a website that runs even 5 seconds slower than your competition could result in huge economic loses for a business. Further, research numbers indicated that 64% of shoppers didn’t purchase from a website because it was too slow.

If you’re a business owner who is starting a website design development process, make sure to choose a web company that is capable of producing professional, impressive website that operate quickly and efficiently. Properly designed website should lock in your website visitors attention, prevent them from leaving and persuade them to make a purchase, schedule an appointment or simply initiate contact for more information. Contact us today and see how Logic Media can help your business grow online with a professional website.

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