In our previous blog posts about proper home page web design, we touched on the key elements that are necessary for the proper design and development of your website's home page. Because your home page is your company's face on the Internet it should capture the visitor's attention with an amazing design, as well as communicate certain necessary elements about your business. These elements include:

  • Identification of Your Business and/or Brand
  • Presentation of Company Contact Information
  • Quick Overview of Company Services and/or Products
  • Call for Action Features

In this article, we will continue to expand on the necessary element of web design, and also focus on the elements of home page content that are necessary for proper presentation and identification of your company, your brand and your services.

Generally speaking, your website will draw two types of visitors. Those who already know your business, have dealt with your company before, or are returning users to your website. The other group is users who have never been to your website before, and who are not familiar with your company name, logo, set of services, products or carried brands. To this set of customers, your business is an unknown entity.

In order to address the two types of users, your site should strike a perfect balance between addressing the needs of both. Making it easy for the returning user to navigate your site to desired page location and feature, as well as capturing the attention of the new user, introducing your company to them, while at the same time making it easy to reach any necessary pages of your website.

Striking this perfect balance can be difficult, especially if the goal of returning users to your website is significantly different from the goal of the new users. For example, returning users might need an easy way to access and manage their user account through a log in interface, schedule or follow up on services, or get in touch with someone at the company. While the goal for new users could consist of learning more about your company in general, getting introduced to your company's line of services, product and/or brands and eventually establishing contact for a desired conversion.

Identifying your company's two user types and their own individual goals is the key to better conversion rates. When starting your web design and development project and determining your home page details, ask yourself:

  • What are the two or more type of users who will visit my website?
  • What should my website try to accomplish based on the two identified user types?
  • What are possible goals of the different users who visit your website?
  • What features and design elements should your website have in order to accomplish these goals?

If you have questions, or not sure how to apply this concept to your design project, get in touch with us. We'll can help.

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