Google’s recent announcement regarding mobile search algorithm changes definitely places a sense of urgency for change on those websites that are not Mobile Friendly by Google’s standards. Basically, Google will start penalizing and/or punishing websites that are not mobile friendly. This change is, in all respects, a largely technical one, and it can be hard to interpret and decipher what exactly Google is looking for and what the right course of action is to combat this change.

Even though the initial roll out of the algorithm will only decrease website rankings when it comes to search results viewed on mobile devices, it’s just a matter of time before all future rankings will also be affected by the change or a version of it as well.

In hopes of making it easier for your average individual to determine whether or not their current website will be affected by the immediate change, Google kindly rolled out a Mobile Friendliness tester tool for the general public where website owners can test their current websites to see if it meets the necessary standard in order to avoid a punishment from the upcoming change.

Here is the link to the Google Mobile Tester Tool.

Once a website has been identified as non-mobile friendly, the appropriate course of action to take in order to comply with the new standards can vary between a couple of options, but in our opinion, redesigning the website with responsive website design technique is the best and most beneficial course of action.

Responsive web design is crafted to optimize and improve user experience with a website on all web accessible devices, including Mobile, Tablets and PC’s. Because now on average over 1/3 of all website traffic comes from Mobile devices, responsive design addresses all the necessary formats and meets all the guidelines that continue to have your website rank on Google or even gain better rankings to get ahead of your competition. What’s more, responsive web design will also address any future Google Algorithm changes that would be associated with device category and size.

At Logic Media, we started implementing responsive web design as our standard several years ago, and responsive design has since become the standard in the industry. Since then, we have designed countless website for our clients that not only look stunning and meet all Google’s newly required guidelines, but also generate quality business and leads.

If you are looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced company who can help you surf the waters of Google algorithm changes and qualifications, and deliver a top notch web design that sets you apart from your competition and drives quality leads, give us a call at 502.252.1446 or email us. We can help!

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