Now that we’ve had a chance to experience the most anticipated day in advertising industry, the day for the “clever” television commercial during the super bowl, it’s time to reflect. To an everyday audience at home, the day after the super bowl is spent discussing the $3.01 million dollar, 30 second spots from the perspective of good or bad, funny or stupid. But in the eyes of an advertiser, it’s all about the effectiveness factor or the “buzz factor”.

The more time you and your co-workers spend in the break room or at the conference table discussing what a commercial said or did, the more effective the marketing dollars spend on super bowl become. Just as an example, next time someone starts talking to you about going out for breakfast, my bets are IHOP would not be the only restaurant option on your mind. After bombarding our minds with the skillfully designed white chickens, Denny’s has automatically increased their brand awareness in the marketplace, despite what your thoughts were prior to the super bowl ads.

Just like I mentioned in my previous blog article, building brand awareness and brand equity is extremely important, especially if your company is loosing market share. The Super Bowl advertising frenzy has proven to be extremely effective over the years. In 2009, NBC network sold out all of its available advertising spots for record revenue sales of $2,600,000. Lots of companies take the super bowl as an opportunity to launch a new advertising campaign or further extend their existing advertising efforts, and the last 43 years of super bowl advertising has been a perfect opportunity to do that.

Placing advertiser’s dollars into the most anticipated day in advertising is a smart and effective move on any company’s behalf. Of course, the drawback is not everyone has a $3 million dollar advertising budget for super bowl spots.

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