It seems like everyone has a blog. No matter what an individual’s interest might be, there are certainly at least a few blogs out there talking about it. If you have been thinking whether you should start a blog, the answer is YES!

A properly ran blog can serve as a very powerful marketing tool. Establishing a dedicated company blog can serve multiple purposes--not only can it act as a way to communicate news and events about your company or associations, but it can also serve as a powerful public relations mechanism. Custom blogs provide an effective and easy way to communicate with your current and potential clients, build relationships and promote your business in general.

Building brand equity is extremely important for all businesses. Running a blog is an effective and inexpensive way to market your company, boost your brand equity and increase your company’s general awareness. Using a blog as public relations tool allows you to control your company’s image, perception and message in the market place.

At last, blogs act as a very powerful tool in the search engine optimization world. Because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing index blog articles for relevant content, a blog can easily increase your company’s overall online exposure and website rankings, in turn resulting in higher online lead generation.

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