At Logic Media, we strongly believe that having a great looking website that doesn’t generate any visitors or results is pointless. As the business owner, your goal should be to have a professionally designed website that is property marketed and optimized for high conversion rates--possibly through Conversion Optimization Services.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization is part of the online marketing process that establishes an engaging experience for your website visitors in order to persuade them to take the desired action, whether it’s the purchase of a product, initiating contact for a quote, downloading software or subscribing to your newsletter. Properly developed websites that are conversion optimized generate more sales, leads and subscribers while building brand equity for your business. In essence, it is simply converting your website visitors into life long customers.

Conversion optimization generates permanent effects that help your company increase sales with your existing marketing budget, produces higher return on investment from the increase in overall sales, and produces higher customer retention rates.

How does Conversion Optimization work?

Before starting the conversion optimization process, the business or conversion optimization specialist should measure the current conversion rate and establish a historical baseline for future comparison. Ongoing and accurate measurements will provide the business owner with clear data that proves that the techniques and changes are having a positive effect on their bottom line.

The second step to an effective conversion optimization is understanding your company’s target audience and market, and developing a message and feel for your website that would appeal directly to your target audience. Afterward, implement the desired message into the initial development or redesign of your website. Professional web designers will evaluate your website and will position your the architecture, layout, content and calls for action based on the researched patterns of your target audience and industry.

As a business owner, you should select a web designer that not only produces top of the line professional websites, but also takes all the necessary steps in Internet marketing to position your company for high conversion rates that produce a positive Return on Investment year after year.

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