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At Logic Media, we always strive to generate traffic to our clients’ websites from all the major search engines. Search engine market share can change with the user’s preferences and with the increase of the marketing efforts of the search engines. Based on the global online search engine reports by seoMoz, Compete, Nielson-Net and Alexa, Google as usual once again has increased it’s market share staring January 2012 with over 83% of the online search engine market in the United States.

Based on the ongoing turmoil within Yahoo, they now only capture 8.23% of the search engine market. Microsoft’s now lost hope Bing struggles to keep its 5.15%, with the 2011 year seeing a significant drop in its usage. Facebook is now somehow considered a search engine in a way, starting the new year with 1.58% of the search engine market. Rounding out the set is the almost non-existent Ask.com with less than 1% of the search market.

As expected by everyone, Google continues to dominate the market share, and, in my opinion, has pretty much taken over as the primary search engine. Since there are no new engines popping up anytime soon (or that are worth mentioning) Google will continue to lead the market and become an even a bigger monopoly. Good or bad, but for the people like us who immerse themselves in the world of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, Google algorithms and SEO ranking changes will continue to be a constant part of discussions.

Even though Facebook’s search engine market share is currently very low, they currently have an opportunity to monetize on their popularity and market themselves to grow the search engine portion of their business, which in the long run, if properly done, will secure their financial prosperity.

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