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Over the last several years, online marketing has experienced significant growth across its array of channels. More and more businesses are trying to promote themselves online. In the last couple of years alone, the struggling automotive industry has made a significant shift the distribution of their marketing dollars. From spending 95% of their marketing dollars on traditional marketing channels such as television, radio and billboards, and the remaining 5% on online marketing, to a dramatic shift of 55% traditional and 45% online. As the public spends more and more of their time engaged online with their laptops, iPads and smart phones either browsing or on social media, companies are deciding to shift their marketing dollars toward the attention of their target market.

Not surprisingly, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing has experienced a significant growth as more businesses are trying it out. In Google’s latest quarterly report (2Q 2011), the company showed a 17% increase in income, beating revenue expectations by 3%, with their PPC program growing 18% alone last quarter. Even though other search engines and online directories offer the PPC marketing, Google dominates the PPC world holding 65% of the market share.

PPC marketing can be a very useful and profitable marketing tool for your business, but, if improperly managed, PPC can be very costly and wasteful. Having been running a number of PPC campaigns for several years, our company has developed extensive PPC marketing experience and produced a valuable list of do's and don'ts for proper PPC program implementation.

Just like any other marketing, here are some key factors for a successful Pay Per Click Marketing program:

  • Proper Selection of Your Target Audience
  • Proper Selection of PPC Keywords
  • Design of Tailored Promotional Message
  • Proper Program Implementation
  • Tailored Program Strategy
  • PPC Analysis and Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Landing Page Set Up and Development
  • Quality Website Design

When deciding to venture into the world of PPC marketing, make sure to implement a properly established strategy for your marketing efforts. When deciding to outsource your PPC marketing efforts to a third party, make sure to choose a company experienced with PPC strategies and has a transparent PPC rate structure.

Contact our SEM team for a consultation and see if a Pay Per Click marketing strategy is the right fit for your business.

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