As part of our constant quest to continuously improve our services, customer service, and offer a better user experience with our products, we recently rolled out a newly redesigned online photo gallery, available for all current and new customers. The photo gallery is an add-on module to our custom designed Content Management System (CMS), which allows users to easily manage, edit, and update websites in a secure interface and now better manage their online photo galleries.

Our previous photo galleries feature was optimized for desktop use only. While the older galleries were viewable on smaller devices such as phones and tablets, with the new gallery, the photo browsing experience has been greatly improved. We expect that with the user experience and engagement being significantly better with the new gallery, we will see higher user conversion rates, lead generation and ideally higher sales for our customers.

The new gallery uses a responsive design, which allows for the proper display of photos regardless of the website visitor's device. In addition, touch-enabled devices such as phones and tablets allow visitors to easily swipe photos on the screen in order to navigate the photo gallery. The system also provides photos in a full screen view, for a more immersive photo browsing experience.

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