At Logic Media, we believe that the ability to have a professional website that is directly tailored to each client's unique online needs is a necessity in our business. Therefore, about 7 years back, we decided to only offer our clients truly custom web design services. And when we say “custom”, we truly mean custom.

Back in 2003 when we first started designing client websites, we began by utilizing widely available open source CMS software to run the back end of our client websites, as many other web design companies still do today. However, with years of experience and having an extensive background in software design and development, we decided to go down the path of building our own custom back end CMS to allow our clients to have full control of their website without relying on unstable, third party software.

Custom web design is significantly different from cookie-cutter template design because it gives our clients the competitive edge they need to stand out from their competition in the marketplace and present a better appearance with their website’s digital storefront. Instead of spending the same amount of money on a Wordpress website layout only to find yourself trying to adapt the generic template layout to fit your specific business, we recommend creating a website that is tailored to your exact specifications, doesn’t look like anyone else’s site, and the best part of all is that it costs you less than what most charge for a “customized Wordpress template site” that is basically a pre-bought template layout with your logo.

Why is Custom Website Design Better

The Takeaway

Despite the common opinion that custom web design costs more when compared to cookie-cutter template Wordpress sites, our custom designs not only cost less from the start, but continue to cost less to maintain over the lifespan of the website. The best part is that our custom sites actually deliver exactly what our clients are looking for, instead of trying to reshape their business into someone else's template.

  • The Amazing Look and Professional Feel

    After getting a thorough understanding of our client's business needs and marketing goals, our custom web design approach allows us to plan, design and develop a website that is professional, beautiful, functional and allows you to put your business's best foot forward, gaining you a competitive edge among your competition.
  • Customized to Your Exact Specifications

    Unlike other out-of-the-box, cookie-cutter template designs, a custom design allows the website to take on it’s own independent, superior, high-end feel without any constraints. It therefore becomes an exact fit for the true needs of our customers, unlike any template design layout.
  • Designed for the Future

    The nature of custom web development allows our clients the capability to grow their website's size and features into the future without having to go through numerous redesign phases and additional costs associated with redesigns. Any custom or non-standard features in other CMSs require the integration of plugins or modules, which frequently expose the entire site to being hacked. Also, a full CMS update, required to stay ahead of website attacks, may or may not be compatible with different plugins or templates.
  • Fully Controllable with a Content Management System

    All of our custom websites sit on an easy to use Content Management Systems that allows our clients to have full control of their website without having to depend on any unreliable, third party content management software. Due to the high-profile nature of many other CMSs, there are new attacks and exploits for them found every week, requiring time consuming and complicated patching to the CMS and plugins. Our CMS has a spotless track record, and all clients receive new features as they are rolled out.
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