Once again, it's the time of the year to look at U.S. search engine market share numbers. Based on the numbers reported by the comScore Search Share Report, here is the latest search engine market share breakdown:

  • Google – 67.3% of the market (with 12.3 billion monthly searches)
  • Bing – 18.2% market share (with 3.3 billion monthly searches)
  • Yahoo – 10.8% market share (with 2 billion monthly searches)
  • Ask – 2.5% market share (with 452 million monthly searches)
  • AOL – 1.3% market share (with 243 million monthly searches)

Over the last year, Bing's market share numbers experienced an increase of 3%, mostly at the expense of Yahoo's market share. Ask's and AOL's numbers have been decreasing steadily over the last year. Google mostly remaining unchanged.

As the overall number of searches continues to grows each year, search engines have a chance to capture more share of the volume as it increases. Whether at the expense of their competitors or through an organic gain, the battle for the market shares continues on. With Google remaining as the primary search engine both nationally and world wide, Bing is still trying to hard to move up from their constant number two spot and steal a bit of Google's fortune.

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