Did you know that the quantity and quality of your business reviews on Google strongly affects your SEO rankings? The ranking of your business/website on Google, especially the Google Local Search/Google Maps areas are strongly correlated to the popularity of your business on Google, and Google Reviews is one of major driving factors behind it. Because most of Google’s reviews are left by verified users (what Google considers “real customers”), their algorithm places significant weight on the number and quality of reviews left on your Google page when determining your Local Search rankings.

According to Moz, approximately 9% of Google’s entire search engine algorithm is driven by reviews and the signals associated with them. Some of the signal factors that Google considers include review quantity, velocity, and diversity of reviews. This means that more positive, higher ranked reviews left on the company’s Google review page at a constant pace will increase your overall rankings.

Besides thinking of Google reviews as a great way to increase your SEO ranking efforts, increasing your company reviews are overall an excellent way to grow your business. Positive Google reviews convert more customers, build trust in your business, and allows your business to receive beneficial feedback from existing customers to improve or amp up your services and products.

To increase your Google reviews, and promote continuous positive review growth, at Logic Media we offer an easy to use, and easy to implement Review Collection Platform that allows your business to start collecting more customer reviews immediately. With stress-free review collection automation software, you can easily gather, collect, and manage your Google reviews, all while increasing your overall business growth and automatically increasing your SEO rankings.

Curious how this works? Contact us with any questions or for a quick demo of the Review Collection Platform. We would be happy to assist you in growing your business and building your brand trust.

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