After years of mental planning, months of design, and months of development, we have finally launched our new website. Well, well overdue, but results well worth the wait.

With our latest design we took a new approach, switching to a cleaner, less wordy and less crowded look and feel. The new website sports a lighter color theme, with more whimsy and play, yet continuing to stay sophisticated, professional, and high end.

Another alteration to the design was the “less is more approach” when it comes to the amount of text and number of pages we decided to incorporate. The new design is simple, clean, and absolutely minimal on the amount of content we decided to keep.

Just like any design, it’s a continual work in progress as we work with and add to the design and content, but definitely a great fresh start to the 2021 design year.

Hope the new browsing experience lifts your soul, inspires the imagination, and makes you reach for more. Keep on browsing, where are happy to have you here.

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