One downside to having a high ranking website is that spammers will find it, and they will spam you. At Logic Media, we take some extra precautions to help protect our clients.

All website contact forms go through a processing system to help determine their spamminess. Utmost care is given to make sure a real, legitimate contact is never accidentally flagged as spam. One of the steps in the process is a set of filters that we've built over two decades that does an amazing first-pass job at detecting spam.

We find that new spam tends to come in waves. First there will be "viagra" spam. Then "bitcoin" spam. Then "stock pumping" spam. We continually add more filters to our set, blocking the spam newcomer before they can bother our clients, until the next wave of spam comes and surprises us with the new topic.

Since we dislike spam even more than you do, we routinely publish our spam patterns to help anyone in a similar situation. The definitions are published on our GitHub page at

If you would like a high-ranking, spam-free website, contact us today.

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