Many years ago, Yahoo was a popular website to visit, together with Netscape, AOL and others that now have gone by the wayside. Today, believe it or not, Netscape still exists, although it is now owned by AOL, and both of the companies are still “functional” on the web. AOL still carries some weight on search engine markets share (a whopping 1%) and Netscape is still providing news, email and “internet” services. But unlike AOL and Netscape, somehow Yahoo is still holding on to their 12% share of search engine volume and continues to be the 5th most visited website on the web, drawing millions of individuals each day to visit their website and brought in almost 5 billion dollars in revenue last year.

But what is Yahoo today? Besides providing email services and news, Yahoo has a slew of other properties that make up it’s portfolio. You may know about Tumblr and Flickr, but here is a list of some of the other companies under their umbrella: Yahoo Adverting, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Auto, Yahoo Developer Network, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo GeoPlanet, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Homes, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mobile, Yahoo Movie, Yahoo Music, Yahoo News, Yahoo Originals, Yahoo Parental Controls, Yahoo Research, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Search Marketing, Yahoo Security Center, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo TV.

How well can Yahoo run with so many branches of their business and companies under their belt? Not well. The company had one the worst years in its history and shows continual decreased profits and market share. Marissa Mayer has continually come under fire as an unqualified CEO, with excessive spending, an unorganized company strategy and a lack of leadership skills. However, when Mayer took over the company, it was already on deep downhill slide, and it’s unclear how much of company’s failure can be attributed to her lack of leadership and mismanagement.

Investors of the company are still hopping for a positive return and a turnaround on their dollars with hopes of Yahoo receiving new financially charged investors or the announcement of a sale of one or more of Yahoo sub companies.

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