As 2017 launches into full swing, new sets of website design trends and styles come into play. Between the new sets of popular or trendy new website colors, color themes, web fonts and general web design styles, sometimes it’s hard to determine which style and design trend to follow in any given year and still remain a timeless website that would last longer than the latest 2017 fab.

When trying to determine the best balance between implementing new web trends or sticking with standard design styles and techniques, some features should always be considered and remain in place to ensure smooth functionality with users.

1. Clean Navigational Structure

With advanced design and software options for clever website menu navigational structures, the options for navigational layout are endless. Some companies choose to have their website navigation completely hidden and only exposed after the click of the “hamburger” menu box. Others decide to prominently and thoroughly display every part of their website on a large format menu design. Whatever approach you choose to select for you web design project, it’s important to ensure that the menu is easy to navigate and appears uncomplicated to the end user. Sometimes, fancy, clever menu designs do nothing to steer the website functionality to maximize conversions, but only ensure confusion from your target audience.

2. Basic Information

In many cases, business-oriented websites target individuals who are reaching their website to look for company contact information, whether it’s the company phone number, email address, physical address or contact information for a specific person at the company. When designing the layout and format of your new website, make sure your essential company contact information is prominently displayed on the home and contact pages of the website.

3. Clean Website Layout

From years of experience, I understand that it’s very easy to want to cram in as much information about your business in front of your potential customers as possible while they are visiting your website–obviously that’s the goal of each website. However, it’s critical to accomplish this in the most user-friendly and user-oriented way possible. Website home pages should be designed to showcase the business’s most important features, services, or products, and targeted toward the company’s desired outcome and definition of success (i.e. a conversion).

4. Clear Call For Action

Let’s face it, regardless of the type of business you operate, each one of us has a desired outcome that we look for from our website. Whether it’s to engage users to follow you on social media, make a sale via an ecommerce platform, or generate a lead, all of our design and marketing efforts should be driven toward this goal. When determining your new website layout, make sure you select the styles, structures and designs that have a clearly defined and reinforced call of action feature throughout.

Remember the Essentials

New design trends, colors and themes will always come and go, but it’s important to keep note of the essential aspects of web design effectiveness regardless of whether or not your design decides to reflect new trends or simply stick to the standards.

At Logic Media, we always love to adapt new industry design trends into our designs as well as design websites with standard branding methods. Regardless of the style or layout we select, we always ensure our customers’ websites function and look amazing, are easy to use for everyday audiences, and generate new business for our clients. Contact Us today to see how we can help your business by creating a website that delivers results and stands the test of time.

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