Once a year we take an updated look on the overall Search Engine Market Share for the U.S. market and compare the change to the past 12 months. Here are the latest numbers broken down based on the Q2 comScore Report and their change from the last 12 months:

Desktop Search Engine Market Share

  • Google – 64.0% of the market (with 11.2 billion monthly searches)
    With net decrease of 3.3% over the last year
  • Bing – 20.3% market share (with 3.5 billion monthly searches)
    With net increase of 2.1% over the last year
  • Yahoo – 12.7% market share (with 2.2 billion monthly searches)
    With net increase of 1.9% over the last year
  • Ask – 1.7% market share (with 301 million monthly searches)
    With net decrease of 0.7% over the last year
  • AOL – 1.2% market share (with 202 million monthly searches)
    With basically no change over the last year

When analyzing the numbers, it appears that most of Google’s market share loss was due to a slight gain for Bing and Yahoo, with Bing finally breaking the 20% share mark this year.

While seeing Google’s share decline over the year could appear worrisome, remember these numbers only represent traditional desktop searches and do not account for any mobile or tablet browsing. Mobile and Tablet represent a significant portion of the overall search market and continues to grow each year.

Mobile and Tablet Search Engine Market Share

When taking a look at the mobile and tablet search engine market share breakdown on a Global scale, Google is leading the pack with majority of the market. Here are the most recent Q2 numbers for mobile browsing:

  • Google – 91.84% market share
  • Yahoo– 5.98% market share
  • Bing – 1.68% market share
  • Baidu – 0.23% market share – popular in China
  • Ask – 0.04% market share
  • AOL – 0.01% market share

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Sources: comScore June 2015 SE Rankings, NetMarketShare Mobile SE Market Share

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