In addition to constantly tracking and trying to stay on top of desktop browser share numbers for the US we also track the browser share break down for Mobile devices.

Mobile and tablet online browsing traffic today accounts for almost 30% of overall web traffic and breaks down into the following market share percentages based on latest numbers reported by NetMarketShare.

  • 53.91% Safari (iPHone, iPad and iPod users)
  • 23.44 % Android
  • 12.94% Chrome
  • 3.51% Opera Mini
  • 2.31% Internet Explorer
  • .54% BlackBerry

With mobile and tablet users growing larger and larger in numbers more individuals will be using their non-standard devices as the primary browsing sources for the web.

At an alarming rate mobile users are quickly becoming primary users of the internet. Now, with over 75% of mobile users taking their phone to the bathroom with them the connection possibilities are truly endless. At the end of 2013 there were more mobile devices on Earth than people.

Mobile and tablet devices allow users not only an easier way to connect with their customers, but also provide different avenues for connections. With help of apps, social media, clever mobile sites and email marketing, businesses can now find more ways to stay connected with their customers and make their brand experience more enjoyable.

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