Maybe you've noticed a trend recently regarding website design: the rising popularity of long, single-page, art-directed websites. Depending on your industry, business, and goals, this type of website may be a good option for you.

These websites work extremely well for businesses that typically don't have a lot of textual content, but can evoke an emotion with large, in-your-face photography and typography. Specifically, industries including restaurants, clubs, design and photography portfolios tend to do better with this type of website design.

What do you gain with a long, single-page website? Simplicity. You are forced into having a minimal menu (or, no menu at all), so the divisions of your page are very well defined. You also have interesting options around advanced browser rendering, including parallax scrolling, which is where different elements on a page scroll at different speeds.

Frequently, a single-page website will be divided up into a handful of sections, such as the top (a large graphic image and phrase), an “about us" section, possibly a menu or other information, and a location/contact section, and a footer.

On the other hand, you can lose the ability to rank well in the search engines if your single-page website is too heavy on the visual portion without much actual content. Without much content or specific pages dedicated to specific topics, it can be hard to rank for your target keywords.

Here are a few examples of well design single-page sites:

Does it sound like a long, single-page, art-directed website may be the right fit for your business? We can help you decide if it makes sense in your industry, and we can make it. Contact us today to get started!

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