Google keeps improving the tools they they provide to webmasters, and the Structured Data Tool is no exception. It recently underwent a revamp, allowing for easy creation, testing, and investigation of structured metadata.

Structured Data Can Help Clarify Your Topic

Structured Data is extra code written into a web page that is designed primarily to be easily readable by machines. This can help search engines and social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest determine what type of content you have (Video, Photos, Articles, Recipes, etc), as well as information about the author, publish date, and more. Creating quality structured data doesn’t have to be a difficult activity, and can help the various search engine spiders more accurately index and classify your web pages.

Many Different Types of Metadata

There are many metadata formats and structures, including HCard/vCard,, microformats, and JSON-LD. Different formats lend themselves to different applications, and the Structured Data Tool can deal with a single web page that incorporates them.

Google provides a Structured Data Gallery that gives examples on how to mark up recipies, events, products, reviews, and courses, as well as links to more details about how the formats can be used.

Use Structured Data to Your Advantage

If you’d like to learn more about how Logic Media uses structured data with our clients’ website projects, contact us and we’d love to talk.

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