As a digital marketing agency, we always strive to stay on top of all major and minor changes that might affect companies’ marketing efforts, and in turn would need to drive some changes to the marketing plans and scopes to address the changes.

Google Remarking is a feature available under Google Ad services that allows companies/websites to target (re-market) ads to individuals who have visited their website. It works simply by storing a cookie on the user’s browser when they initially visit your website and then “follows” the user on the web, displaying your remarketing ad to them for a specific period of time.

Within Google Remarketing, companies or agencies such as ourselves have the capability to set parameters and preferences to identify the target audience, the desired placement of the ads including options of websites, mobile aps, YouTube videos and more, and even further narrow placement down to topics of interest. Campaigns allow users to set their desired budgets, maximum cost per click, geographic locations and much, much more.

Google’s Remarketing tool can be a very powerful advertising platform to those wishing to grow their business by easily identifying their desired audience and directly targeting your ads to that specific group. By targeting advertising to individuals who have already visited your website and expressed a potential interest in your product and/or services, advertisers can maximize their limited marketing budgets by targeting potential customers effectively and cost-efficiently right when needed.

With all this in mind, on the flip side, Google Remarketing can be very costly and wasteful if the marketing campaigns aren’t optimized and set properly for accurate retargeting and dollar/click optimization. Improperly set up campaigns can very quickly waste thousands of dollars with zero return.

When deciding to try Google Ads or Google Remarketing services, make sure to hire an experienced professional who has the know-how and proper level of experience in setting up, managing, and successfully executing Google Advertising campaigns. At Logic Media, we take our time to properly assess our clients’ specific marketing needs, develop marketing plans that cost-effectively address their business goals, and set up our marketing campaigns for your business with an unbeatable return on investment.

Contact our team today if you have any question regarding Google Ads marketing options and to see if a remarketing plan would be a good fit for your specific business needs.

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