Despite already being tracked and monitored online for tailored advertising based on our browsing and shopping patterns, now advertisers have another unique way to target specific users for more in-depth target marketing. With the design and rollout of new smart digital billboards with image recognition software, advertisers will be able to target ads to drivers while driving and passing by these types of billboards.

These billboards, placed on the interstate and inner city roads, will include image recognition software that allows marketers to identify the make and model of the vehicle that passes by the billboard and then target the drivers of these cars with specific ads targeted directly at them.

The personalization of the ads and variety of ad messages will be determined from the accuracy of the system’s performance and placement of the billboard, however the potential for this system is unlimited with the right approach.

Currently, the pilot for the program ran in Japan and during the run the system was able to recognize the makes and models of the passing cars with 94% accuracy. The system is able to identify over 200 different types of vehicles.

It would be interesting to see if and when the technology ever makes its into the United States markets, where billboard placement and laws tend to be more strict compared to Japanese markets.

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