With the most recent set of changes brought by COVID-19 social distancing changes, many businesses are rethinking the way they operate, both internally and externally. With new social distancing guidelines, many businesses are utilizing online digitization tools to help them mainstream their business operations and continue to grow and improve their business. The unexpected set of new circumstances brings with it new opportunities to optimize outdated business practices, cut down on paperwork, and allow business owners to further mainstream their business operations by streamlining operations.

Over the years we have helped many clients with form digitization, creation of custom web and online applications, and creation of custom software tools that allow their business to grow.

Digitization of Online Forms

Long gone are the days of filling out paper forms at doctor offices or employment facilities, one would think. However, many offices still participate in the “paper world”. Instead of handing out paper applications to potential employees, paper documents to patients, or paper W4 and I9 forms, consider switching to digital. With easy implementation of our software many of our clients have converted to digital online forms for

  • Employment Applications
  • W4 and I9 Forms
  • Employee Insurance Forms
  • Pay advance requests
  • Medical Office Forms
  • And other Digitization Needs

Custom Software Applications

With our advanced software application development team, we are able to scope, design, and develop virtually any web-based or app-based software application that would allow your business to mainstream its operations. In addition, this software can be linked with your existing CRM software or even function within its own CRM. Our custom software can be designed to your specific needs without the outrageous upfront costs and ongoing costs associated with most CRM and custom applications.

There are many opportunities to use custom software applications to mainstream your business functionality; here are a few of the digitization tools that we offer:

  • Order Forms
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Product Deployment Software
  • Product Tracking Software
  • SMS/Text Notification Software
  • GPS Location Tracking

Online Signature Forms

With our customized, compliant digital signature software, your online forms can be safely and securely signed by your applicants and patients without the hassle of signing and delivering “paper” in the physical world. Online signatures are safe and secure and combined with our HTTPS Secure Certificate applications, function safely encrypted on the web.

If your company is in need of any type of digitization service or development, contact us with any questions or to request a quote. Our expert team of software and application developers can easily discuss any digitization effort and allow your business to mainstream its operation in any situation.

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