As an owner of a business, I realize that everyone’s marketing budget has a limit (well almost everyone’s), and because of that, it’s crucial for business owners to carefully place their limited advertising dollars into marketing efforts that help their business grow and produce return on investment.

When comparing online advertising to other advertising media such as television ads, billboards, newspaper and radio, the online advertising results are easily quantifiable. Online advertising allows business owners to simply track return on investment with help of free online traffic reports that indicate your advertising’s number of impressions, clicks and direct contacts.

Yes, at times, terms such as impressions, page views and clicks can get confusing and potentially generate wrong expectations. However, in my experience, most business owners who are actively involved in their marketing efforts can quickly learn the difference between an impression and a click.

If you’re a business owner who is considering doing some online advertising, the best way judge whether or not a particular investment is worth consideration is to simply view the company’s past track record with other business owners who have taken the leap of faith and trusted their limited advertising dollars to that particular advertising medium.

If a company cannot produce any traffic data - whether it’s impressions or direct clicks - it simply means that the company isn’t worth your dollars. The one and only reason someone would hide these simply obtainable, quantitative results from their customers is only because there are no real results to show.

When considering where to place your advertising dollars make sure to choose a company that not only makes promises for your potential traffic, but can show you the actual numbers to back up the promises. Contact us today and see the type of results that our team at Logic Media continues to generate for our clients.

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