Managing Your Business Profile Online

As more and more businesses rely on lead generation from inbound marketing efforts to grow, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your business’s online presence is accurate and prominent.

Most online directories generate their business lists by scraping online listings from data aggregates that the industry looks upon as credible business directory sources. If you own a business, it’s extremely important to ensure that all online directories and primary online business aggregates have correct information regarding your business and services, including your business name, location, phone number, email and web address and business classifications.

If your business’s online listings haven’t been registered or checked for accuracy, many online directories will make assumptions regarding your business services and/or products based on information at hand. Improper business classification and inaccurate directory placement will cause you to loose out on credible leads and instead send those lead to your competition. Managing your business profile and listings online, and ensuring that all search engines and online directories have the correct information and classification for your business will help you gain higher organic rankings for your keyword search terms and in turn dominate the directory business lists under your desired categories.

One of the easiest ways to check your online business profile and listings for accuracy is to cover your basis with the primary search engine directory listings and primary online directory aggregates. Search engines and primary online aggregates will allow other online directories to pull information for their database and in turn promote to spread your proper business profile.

After completing the set up of your business listings online, it’s important to continue to manage your business’s image/profile online. Google alerts is a tool that offers an easy way to keep track of mentions of your business name and service (good or bad) and in turn helps you address any necessary issues that might leads to a decreased reputation for your business.

If you need help setting up or managing you business profile online, whether it’s through online directories, search engines or through general public relations, contact our online marketing specialist for help. Over the years we have helped countless businesses to establish their business profiles online and maximize their inbound marketing.

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