Google recently announced a change to how Google Analytics collects and displays website and app usage data.

There are four major changes to be aware of:

  • What used to be called “Visits" are now called “Sessions"
  • What used to be called “Unique Visitors" are now called “Users"
  • If you have an app and a website both pointed to the same Google
    Analytics account, the data is combined (unless you manually filter)
  • App and Website data metrics, dimension, and segment names are now the same
  • For the vast majority of Google Analytics customers, this change is nothing more than learning the new names “Sessions" and “Users". More advanced users will have to understand the implications of web and app data being combined, and possibly take action to segment their data.

    In the advertising world, where “uniques" is the term everyone uses, it may be a while before Google's new language gets fully adopted, if ever.

    The official announcement:

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