In the vast world of online surfing, your typical browsing customer has a sea of options to select from when searching for a particular product, service or industry. Unlike the old days, limited selection is not an option anymore. More and more companies have brought their product and service offerings online with properly designed, high end, top-notch websites that act as a digital “storefront” for their company. Now more than ever, for this reason the first impression you build with your online presence is the key to client conversion, brand building and healthy business growth. Your company’s online image with proper website design truly matter.

Just like anywhere else, industry standards for the “best” and “top-notch” web design styles change quicker then Lagy Gaga’s hair styles. Online designs that were considered impressive 5 years ago in the industry are now grouped together with the atrocious 1980’s shell suits and acid wash jean, but unlike fashion design, website design standards design aren’t reusable. If your website design stinks today, no time in the world will change that, and it will only get worse.

Now, the key question is how to make your website design top notch in order to establish a truly impressive digital “storefront” for your business. For starters, pick a website design company that actually knows their stuff. Look at their online portfolio. Ask yourself: Do you like their work? In general, bad online portfolios will cause your project to follow in the same footsteps. After all, as a designer you always want to showcase your best work and today 2 years ago’s best is now way behind what is considered top-notch or impressive by online design standards. Basically, if you’re starting your website design project today, why start behind the ball?

Next, when designing your website, deciding to incorporate your current marketing materials into the design, ask yourself: Is your current marketing material up to par with your planned digital storefront? If you’re investing your marketing dollars into a top-notch high end website, will your current outdated marketing materials drag your design down? Basically, make sure that your overall brand image and marketing materials are up to date and follow in line with your desired design.

Allow your website to evolve over time. Develop and design your website in a easy to manage platform that allows you to update your content and brand message as needed based on industry or market changes and requirements. Before investing thousands of dollars into an impressive website that functions great today, make sure you are able to take it with you into the future. The ability to enhance and edit your website post launch will allow you to have an up to date digital storefront presence, stay competitive in the market and grow your business.

There is a lot to consider when trying to keep up with industry design standards and trends, but having an up to date, top-notch, impressive website, staying competitive in the market and at the same time growing your business, shouldn’t be complicated. Let our professional team of experts guide you through the digital world of marketing, help you establish a top-notch digital “storefront” to help you grow your business and evolve with time.

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