To no one's surprise, the market share in the search engine world has been won by Google. Based on the latest reports for November 2009 by comScore Core Search Reports, Google is leading the U.S. market share with a commanding 71.6% of searches. Yahoo! continuously loses market share and currently holds second place with 15.4% of the search engine market. Microsoft's markets share (MSN/Live/Bing) is following in third place with 9.3%, but is experiencing some growth due to the Bing rebranding efforts. has most of the remainder of the market share with 2.65% of the market.

Since 2004, Google has been dominating the U.S. search engine market share and has doubled its share over the last 5 years. Microsoft has been trying hard to gain against Google with its new Bing rebrand, but has only increased slightly over the last six months.


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